John & Greg have a wealth of experience in retail and customer service. They have been in a Civil Partnership since 2010 and moved to Crowborough in 2011. They have always wanted to open a shop selling beautiful products from all over the world, but especially with a focus on British made items. In fact at Maybugs you will find many items made right here in the UK. They decided on Hailsham because of this very fact, and that they knew that locals would appreciate the effort put into sourcing the very finest of what Britain has to offer.

Maybugs is open 6 days a week, so pop in to say hi and have a mooch!

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Why Maybugs ?

Since moving to the countryside from the big smoke, John & Greg have overcome many of the city dwellers phobias; Spiders as big as your hands, useless internet & phone signal and not being able to get a takeaway delivered! 

However the one fear that remains rears it's head every year, the onslaught on the Maybugs; Stupid flying beetle like creatures that come out at night and fly about without intent bouncing off every surface.

They thought, why not turn their least favourite thing about living in Sussex into their most favourite.